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Creating Visitors Counter in WordPress

Hello Friends, I was working on a project which was required to show visitors count on website, So I developed code for that and now I am sharing it so that if anyone required, can use it. This code utilises get_option, add_option and update_option predefined wordpress function which stores key value  pair

Text Editor in Java

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share Java Project (MyEditor) which I Developed long time ago. This Java project is nothing but a Text Editor, In this editor you can create and modify text file. Using this editor you can manipulate multiple files at once. There is some special

Calculator in JavaFX

Hello Friends Today I am going to share, how to create Calculator using JavaFX. This is a simple calculator with simple UI where you can Add, Substract, Mutiply, Divide, and calculate Percentage. So here is the code CalculatorUI.fxml [crayon-599b1fec45ee1025986975/] [crayon-599b1fec45ef7497237884/] [crayon-599b1fec45f05220680990/] Output/Screen Shot Download NetBeans Project Thank you Please share