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Developing Tile Puzzle Game in Java

Tile Puzzle Game

Greetings! Friends, Today I am going to explain how to Develop Game in Java. The game which I am going to develop is a Tile Puzzle Game. In this game development we are going to use below classes :-

  1. java.awt.Image
  2. java.awt.image.BufferedImage
  3. javax.swing.ImageIcon

Here Image class is used to hold image resource while BufferedImage and ImageIcon are used to split image to multiple images.

In this game there is a default image which is loaded automatically but you can load your own image also at runtime using load button in the user interface.

In this game I am going to create three classes first one is where all game logic coded ie. loading image, starting game, stopping game, etc. second one is which is used to show solved puzzle for hint and last one is which is used to store time.

So here is the code


Tile Puzzle Game

Executable Jar Download

Netbeans Project Download


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