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Text Editor in Java

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share Java Project (MyEditor) which I Developed long time ago. This Java project is nothing but a Text Editor, In this editor you can create and modify text file. Using this editor you can manipulate multiple files at once. There is some special

Calculator in JavaFX

Hello Friends Today I am going to share, how to create Calculator using JavaFX. This is a simple calculator with simple UI where you can Add, Substract, Mutiply, Divide, and calculate Percentage. So here is the code CalculatorUI.fxml [crayon-599b1f47d4e42862552051/] [crayon-599b1f47d4e58615493774/] [crayon-599b1f47d4e65550334000/] Output/Screen Shot Download NetBeans Project Thank you Please share

Create Browser Using JavaFX

Hello Friends Today I am going to show you how to create Browser using JavaFX. This browser does not stores your browsing history. It is just a basic feature browser in which you can browse, go back, go forward, reload, you can open multiple tabs so that you can browse

Audio Recorder in Android

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share audio recording code in android. This code will work on latest version of android (Marshmallow) also. In this code we are going to use MediaRecorder class to record audio and MediaPlayer class to play recorded audio. activity_main.xml [crayon-599b1f47d5da5388947969/] [crayon-599b1f47d5db2152457606/] Screen Shot Download Android Studio Project

Sketch Pad in Java

Hello Friends Today I am going to show you how to create simple Sketch Pad in Java. This is not an advance tool or application but a simple tool, you can take idea from it and you can develop your own sketching tool in Java. Here is the code to

Password Locker in Java

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share a tool/software which I'd developed long time ago for my personal use. But today I thought to share it so that anyone can use it. This tool can be used to store any username and password which you use frequently or infrequently. This is

Java Program to Capture Screen

Today I was thinking to create screen recorder application in Java then I googled and found that Screen recorder codes captures still images of screen then convert still image to video. We can also use windows movie maker application to create video from still images. So I am going to

Hyperlink Button in HtmlEditor

Hello Friends, In this post I am gonna show you how to add hyperlink button in JavaFX HtmlEditor and make it work to insert hyperlink in HtmlEditor. Here I am not gonna create complete application instead I am giving you specific code which would add hyperlink button to HtmlEditor and