Matching Game in Java

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing fine. Today I am going to share a Matching Game in Java. Matching games are games in which players have to find match similar elements. As the name implies, participants need to find a match for a word, picture, or card. I have developed this

Observing Different Volume Streams and Keeping Fixed in Android

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share a way to observing different volume streams and keeping fixed in Android. There are different volume streams in Android i.e STREAM_MUSIC, STREAM_RING, STREAM_ALARM etc. We'll use ContentObserver to detect change in volume. This code sample can be used where fixed volume needed

WebView Based Android App

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share how to create WebView based Android App. WebView based app is nothing but a App in which we call website url in WebView. You can create WebView based app in just few minutes but the condition is website should be responsive to

RecyclerView with Click Effect & Click Event Handling on Item in Android

Hello Friends, Today I am going share how to use RecyclerView with click effect & click event handling on item in android. I know there is lot of tutorial available to do this but still I am sharing this because, every time I work with RecyclerView, I have to google for

Integrate MathJax in CKEditor

Hello Friends, today I am going to tell that how to integrate MathJax in CKEditor, so that maths formula can be written in CKEditor but before that you should know what the MathJax and CKEditor is, so here is the explanation. MathJax is a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation

Swipeable and Non-Swipeable ViewPager in Android

Hello Friends, recently I was developing a mobile application in which I had to make Swipeable and Non-Swipeable ViewPager in Android and to achieve this I had to create ViewPager subclass CustomViewPager class . So, I thought to share it so that anyone else required can use it. I'd created