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Create Remote in Android using ConsumerIrManager


Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to create remote in android using ConsumerIrManager. ConsumerIrManager class operates consumer infrared on the device and we’ll use two methods of ConsumerIrManager class hasIrEmitter method to check whether device has infrared emitter or not and transmit method to transmit single/pattern. Actually I have Clarion JM-8201 home theater and I have lost it’s remote and for that reason I was facing difficulties using it and I have tried many apps from playstore but no one worked for me so I decided to develop own remote app. Now I am sharing this code so that anyone else need it can benefit and If anyone have same home theater then s/he can use same code as it is to create their own remote for their home theater.

So, Here is the code


These button codes/patten I have extracted from actuall remote by the help of a shopkeeper using Arduino Uno and Infrared Sensor.




AndroidStudio Project Download


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