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DataTable with Ajax Data Source

Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well today I am going to share how to use DataTable with Ajax Data Source or you can say how to perform server side processing in DataTable.

Actually I was working on one of my personal project where I was needed this  feature and After implementing on my project I thought to share it with you guys. If you don’t know what DataTable is then let me tell you it is nothing but a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library to work with Html Tables. It comes with various features like searching, sorting, pagination. Let’s start

We will do this coding in three steps:-

  1. Html & Javascript
  2. Table Structure
  3. PHP Script

Html & Javascript

Table Structure

PHP Scripts


Script Download



Please make sure that AJAX response data field names should match with columns data defined during DataTable initialization otherwise field value not be read.

Thanks friends
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