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Download & Upload File to Firebase Storage using Javascript API


Hello Friends, today we are going to learn how to download & upload file to firebase storage using Javascript API. Cloud Storage is built for app developers who need to store and serve user-generated content, such as photos or videos. To use firebase cloud storage in our project we first need to setup project and app on firebase console and copy configuration. To setup project and create app for configuration kindly check this official link but I am also attaching some screenshots for help which I have taken while creating project and app.

Please note you can also list files of firebase cloud storage but you need to change firebase security rules and then this official guide link can help you listing files.

firebase-create-project-step-2 firebase-create-project-step-3 firebase-create-project-step-4
step-wise screenshots taken while creating project
firebase-create-app-step-1 firebase-create-app-step-2 firebase-create-app-step-3 firebase-create-app-step-4
step-wise screenshots taken while creating app

After creating project and app we need to replace firebaseConfig in init-firebase.js with the firebaseConfig got in step 3 while creating app and we also have to enable Anonymous in Sign-in method, which we can find under Authentication section.



Now here is the code goes








Download Netbeans Project


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