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Make Your Computer Greet You

Hello Friends, Today’s I going to share a Trick by which you can make your computer greet you according to time. (i.e if it is morning time it will greet you Good Morning, if it is afternoon it will greet you good afternoon and if it is evening time it will greet you good evening.)

It is nothing but VBScript code. To apply this trick follow these steps:-

Step 1:  Open notepad or any text editor (ie notepad++)

Step 2: Copy below code to text editor

Step 3: Now save file with .vbs extension

Step 4: Now to check it is working double click on saved file, you will hear a sound if it is working correctly

Step 5: Open startup folder (to open startup folder type shell:startup in run utility and press enter)

Step 6: Copy saved file created in 3rd step to startup folder

Step 7: Now restart your computer and make yourself greeted from you computer





Thanks Friends

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Rajesh Kumar Sahanee
I am a passionate Java Developer and I like Computer Programming. I love to do some interesting experiments and listening music in my free time.