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Pagination Example using Ajax and PHP


Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well, today we are going to see a pagination example using Ajax and PHP. The same concept I had used in one of my project few months ago and again yesterday, actually I can say many of the times but every time I don’t remember code and have to find in old codes but today I thought to make it live so that I don’t waste time finding in my old codes instead just come here and search it. Here in this example I have used two w3schools resources for product view ui and pagination ui, link given below.

Before starting the code we have to create database and table and also need insert some sample data in it. So I am sharing SQL query below as well for creating table and inserting sample data. You have to do nothing just create database using phpMyAdmin and execute below query.

Note: I have also shared the download link of this dump at the end of this post

Now we can start code





SQL Dump Download

NetBeans Project Download

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