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File Uploading in Android using Web Service in PHP

Hello Friends, Today I will tell you file uploading in android using web service in PHP. Basically we will call web service developed in PHP using AsyncTask in android to upload file and we will get file name and file type in response. PHP Code for Web Service config.php [crayon-5c98b246f304e857423256/] user.php [crayon-5c98b246f3057501903499/] Android Code AndroidManifest.xml [crayon-5c98b246f305d856404985/] activity_main.xml [crayon-5c98b246f3062812399441/] (getting selected

Creating Visitors Counter in WordPress

Hello Friends, I was working on a project which was required to show visitors count on website, So I developed code for that and now I am sharing it so that if anyone required, can use it. This code utilises get_option, add_option and update_option predefined wordpress function which stores key value  pair