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Tabbed Activity in Android

Hello Friends, It’s being long time I’ve not shared anything with you but today I have something to share which is Different types of Tabbed Activity in Android. In one of my application idea I needed to use tabbed activity, So i thought to share with you also, what different types of tabbed activity android provided.

Actually there are three types of Tabbed Activity in Android or we can say three predefined tabbed activity template in android studio which are:-

  1. Swipe Views (ViewPager)
  2. Action Bar Tabs (with ViewPager)
  3. Action Bar Spinner

But with few changes I have created another Tabbed Activity which is nothing but combination of Swipe Views and Action Bar Spinner. Actually in Swipe Views Tabbed Activity there is no way to see all tabs names just as in Action Bar Tabs or Action Bar Spinner, So I have combined Swipe Views with Action Bar Spinner, So that I can see tabs name and can change tab/page from spinner also.

So you can find my Customised Tabbed Activity code below but for the other three predefined Tabbed Activity code you can download Android Studio Project below or You can find code in Android Studio itself also.





Tabbed Activity in Android Screen 1    

AndroidStudio Project Download

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