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Add Role Chooser in WooCommerce Registration

Hello Friends, Few days ago I was developing a Wordpress project in which I was required to add role chooser option on WooCommerce registration page, so Now I am sharing this code so that if anyone required this feature on their Wordpress based ecommerce website so they can use this

Adding Google Analytics Code in WordPress Website

Hello Friends today I am going to share how to add google analytics code on your wordpress website using hooks in functions.php, To do so you can use wp_head hook. The wp_head action hook is triggered within the <head></head> tag. You can also use lots of available plugins but that makes your website heavy so for

Creating Visitors Counter in WordPress

Hello Friends, I was working on a project which was required to show visitors count on website, So I developed code for that and now I am sharing it so that if anyone required, can use it. This code utilises get_option, add_option and update_option predefined wordpress function which stores key value  pair

How to Show Read More link in WordPress Excerpts

Normally all themes in Wordpress by default gives read more button in excerpts (Excerpt is an optional summary or description of a post; in short, a post summary) which normally shown on category, archive and tags pages. But some themes does not provide read more button in excerpts so in that

How to Create WordPress Plugin

Hello Friends, Today I am going to show you how to create a WordPress Plugin from scratch. You need to follow the step-to-step instructions which I am going to explain below. The Plugin which I am going to discuss below will add my facebook profile link on bottom of every page