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Top 5 Applications Built using Java

Java is one of the popular programming languages that run on any platform for any kind of application. Being an open-source, fast and powerful language, it is widely used by Java developers for building applications, websites, and interactive videos, etc.

Do you know? Until now thousands of apps have been developed using this platform. This eventually makes the demand for Java Web development services and Java developers for many organizations.

Here are the top 5 java applications that enormously changed the entire java world.

  1. Sun SPOT:
    Sun SPOT (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) is a small and wireless battery-powered platform that is programmed in Java. It is entirely programmed in Java and allows regular programmers to develop projects, which used to need specialized embedded system development skills. It also contains a wide range of built-in sensors that can be easily integrated with external devices.

  2. Project Looking Glass:
    Project looking glass is an open-source development project based on java. This application not only supports the running of unmodified existing applications in a 3D space but also, supports running APIs for 3D Window manager and application development.

    Currently, with platforms like Solaris x86 and Linux, the existing app integration is much compatible. Hence the library to develop 3D applications is available for the Linux, Solaris and Windows Operating System.

  3. NASA WorldWind:

    NASA World Wind virtual globe, built using Java programming language, allows the user to zoom from any of the satellite altitudes into any place on Earth. This also provides a great user- experience, thus allowing people to experience the Earth terrain in rich 3D by leveraging the Landsat satellite imagery along with the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data. Based on looks, it’s very much similar to Google Earth but this is completely written in the Java programming language.

  4. JPC (Emulator):
    The JPC, which is a pure JAVA evaluation with complete visual peripherals of an x86 PC (a family of backward-compatible instruction set architectures). Hence having this, wherever there is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine), it can run safely and that too with bulletproof security and stability of Java technology. For instance: JVM can be in a set-top box, RISC, mobile phone, or even the refrigerator,

    Moreover, with JPC it is useful in building a virtual PC, upon which it is easy to install your desired operating system in a secure, flexible and versatile manner. Thus, JPC offers complete control over the favorite software’s execution environment.

    JPC has high-end security that makes it compatible with any hardware or operating system. Having advanced security, it acts as the safest solution for running and protecting your computer device from any malicious or suspicious software.

  5. ThinkFree Office:

    ThinkFree is the compatible alternative to Microsoft Office. This is because, as  ThinkFree application uses the same formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. All this makes THINKFREE look alike as Microsoft Office-moreover no matter what type of editing features you are using. This saves everything in a PDF format.

    ThinkFree consists of ThinkFree Write (word processing), ThinkFree Show and ThinkFree Calc (spreadsheet), (presentation) applications that allow you to create, edit, and update your documents.

    The ThinkFree interface is designed to look, feel, and behave like Microsoft Office, eliminating the learning curve.

    As ThinkFree is written in Java, it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are a number of free online editions with 1 GB of storage, collaboration tools, publishing to blogs, web pages or ThinkFree Docs.


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