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Url Rewriting like WordPress

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share a code for Url rewriting like WordPress do. I have taken help to develop this code from WordPress codex link mentioned below:-

Actually, these days I am developing CMS in which I was required to do Url rewriting code. So to do Url Rewriting like WordPress I have googled and researched on WordPress codex. Now Here is the final code..





Note: Here RewriteBase and RewriteRule starts with “/urlrewrting/“, because the all code is in urlrewriting directory but you can change it to “/“, if you put your code in www directory in case of LAMP, WAMP or MAMP htdocs in case of XAMPP or public_html in case of hosted on server.


Home Page

Login Page

Register Page

Logout Page

Category Page

Category Page

Category Page

Tag Page

Tag Page

Search Page

Author Page

Page or Post Page

Posts Page



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