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WordPress: Fix Broken Permalink 404 100% Working Trick

Hi Friends, Greetings of the Day. You can find the various posts on the topic easily. But I am going to share the 100% working technique if those are not working. Friends, I have faced this problem many times. Mostly it was solved easily by changing the permalink easily. But this time it was not easy. Actually while developing a new WordPress website on Google Cloud Platform. I found a 404 error on all pages except the home page. I tried all the steps which are given on other sites but it’s not worked. So I tried something new and luckily it works, which I am going to share with you. But before you need to follow basic steps which will also explain in this post because 90% Problem solved by simple steps.

This problem occurs due to several causes, few are given below

Faulty Plugins: Plugins are awesome because its the easiest way to add new features but sometimes they create big problems due to incompatibility or bugs. Plugins might conflict with other plugins, themes or WordPress core itself.

Hosting or Domain Migration: While migrating the website or domain there are also the chances to face this error. due to different server settings. Changing domains names there are huge chances to face this issue due to SSL (HTTPS) disrupts your URL structure,

Backup Restore: Restore a backup is the biggest cause lead to damaged permalink as a 404 error.

Updates: Updates can be a cause of broken permalinks. Especially it occurs when a newer version of Plugins, Themes, or WordPress core conflicts. It can be through the broken permalink.

Corrupted ‘.htaccess’: ‘.taccess’ plays an important role between Server & Website. Its mostly used for redirection & setting up URL’s & so on. At WordPress environment its managed by various resources as Themes, Plugins, etc A faulty plugin can corrupt this file.

Let us fix this broken Permalink 404 error by following these Methods.

Method 1 Reset Permalink

Step 1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard
Step 2. Navigate to Settings > Permalink.
Step 3. Switch to Plain and save.

Now try to open the broken pages. if start working then again switch to previous settings & Save.

Method 2 Disable Plugins

Step 1. Now go to Plugins & Start Deactivation one by one.

Method 3 Theme Change

Step 1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes & Switch to the Default theme like Twenty Twelve and then follow Method 1.

Method 4 Fix .htaccess

Step 1. Log in to Hosting Control Panel & Navigate to File Manager.
Step 2. Open public_html, and Rename .htaccess file

Note if .htaccess is available to go to settings & tick the show hidden files.

Method 5 Customize Permalink

Step 1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalink
Step 2. Select the Custom Structure
Step 3 Add the code in the very first position in the text box & then tags as required.

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