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Data Scrapper Tool Developed in Java (ZatackCrawler)

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share a Data Scrapper Tool Developed in Java (ZatackCrawler). Actually this tool I had developed long time ago and just few days ago I thought to share it with everyone so the person who requires, can utilise this tool. As you know this tool is developed in Java which means it is platform independent, which means you can simply download the tool and run on any OS i.e Windows, Linux, etc. This tool has following main features:

  1. Inbuilt Browser
  2. Media i.e Images, Audio, Video, Css save option by which you can directly save media of specific web page
  3. You can generate queries, i.e SQL query
  4. Multi threading crawler to speedup scrapping speed
  5. You can fill form on webpage with scrapped data
  6. You can parse html and extract useful content from it using parse and select button




Note: If you have any issue in using tool you can ask in comment.

Rajesh Kumar Sahanee
I am a passionate Java Developer and I like Computer Programming. I love to do some interesting experiments and listening music in my free time.